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So as everyone is probably aware to buy any type of high end cosmetics is ridiculously expensive in Australia, unless you travel internationally frequently and go through duty free at the airport several times a year. 

Buying MAC is no different, $33AUD for an eyeshadow pot compared to the $15US in America.. It's a little insane! 

So I save my hard earned dollars and buy at least $100US at a time from the US MAC website. But hang-on MAC US don't ship internationally.. This is where a website called "ComGateway" comes in! It's basically a warehouse that gives you a US shipping address and your own unique code (so they know who's package is who's) you can keep your package there for 30 days (and keep buying stuff from other US companies that don't ship to AUS) and then you can ship it back to Australia for either a cheaper price than some US stores may charge (if they do ship internationally) or just to get it in your hot little hands because the company doesn't actually ship outside the US. 

So enough about that..

Now onto my beautiful new MAC goodies!! 

My full MAC Pro-Palette

In my shipment I order:

9 x eyeshadow refills (to fit in my MAC Pro-Palette) $10US ea ($26AUD EA)
2 x lipsticks $16US ea ($36AUD ea)
2 x MAC Pro-Palettes $8US ea ($30AUD ea)
3 x Pro-Palette inserts (15 eyeshadow, customise 12 & 24) $2US ea ($15AUD ea - the customise palettes aren't even available on the AUS Store)

Top: Empty MAC Pro-Palettes, 15 pan Eyeshadow Palette Insert
Bottom: Customise 12 & 24 Palette Inserts

All up this cost me $144US (roughly $160AUD) (with free overnight shipping to ComGateway)
And cost $45AUD for express shipping and I got it within 5days. Which I think is pretty great! 

Compared with how much it would cost on the Australia MAC Store ($411 with free shipping) I saved pretty much 50%! 

Now here are the swatches from my package!!


Top - Kinda Sexy (Neutral Pinky-Rose Matte)
Bottom - Pure Heroine (Deep Plum Amplified - Limited Edition from Lorde's collaboration with MAC)

Eyeshadow Refills - 
Jest, Woodwinked, Coppering, Satin Taupe, Espresso, Contrast, Shroom, All That Glitters, Bamboo

Until next time!

Please let me know what you think!

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Mel x

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